"This might surprise you, but I’ve been a chartered accountant for 26 years and I don't do my own payroll!

It’s not that I couldn’t, it’s just there are so many other more productive things I could be doing. Another reason I don’t do my own payroll is that I’d probably not do it that well. I’d get by, but it wouldn’t be perfect. Every year there are more and more rules and regulations to follow, and more and more penalties. Luckily, my staff are much better than me at running payrolls. In fact, they're really good!

That’s why so many small businesses are turning to us to make life easier for themselves.

Let us look after your payroll and we’ll set it up and do the first month’s processing for FREE! That way, you can experience how easy it is - with practically no risk."

Dennis Fitzsimons CA
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Avoid hassle

Avoid the hassle

No more tedious paperwork, no more frustrations dealing HMRC, no more trying to keep up with the latest legislation. We do all that for you.

Avoid problems

Avoid problems

We guarantee not to miss a deadline or make a mistake, or your money back for that month. Avoid confidentiality issues - we will only deal with whoever you nominate in your business.

Save money

Save money

No more lost time preparing payslips and BACs payments, no more payroll software and training costs, no more storage costs for payroll records.